Expand Storage Space On a Sherweb Virtual Machine

We installed 2 instances of Aras Innovator 11 (SP1 and SP2) on Windows Server 2012 with SQL Server Express 2014, and then loaded 4 sample databases for client demonstrations.  This required 32GB of 60GB available on the local drive.  I like to keep disk utilization under 25% to give plenty of room for database growth and performance, so I needed to expand the storage allocation on my virtual machine.

  1. Using Sherweb Performance Cloud (an Azure reseller), my Virtual Machines were created as “VM Roles” (not standalone VM)
  2. To increase the disk space on one VMs:
    1. Click on the name of the role for which you want to add disk space (for example, demo11).
    2. Click on "Instances", then on the instance name (Demo11001).
    3. Stop the instance (you can't add disk space through the control panel while the VM is running).
    4. Click on "Configure" at the top of the page.
    5. You will find one device of type "Disk (OS)", click on it. Once selected, you will have an option at the bottom of the page named "Expand". Click it to add disk space.
    6. Save the configuration.
    7. Return to “Dashboard” at the top, then "Start" the VM.
  3. Once the space is added in the Sherweb Cloud, you'll need to extend your partitions in the OS to take advantage of the extra space.
    1. For Windows 2012 Server, see: www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/article/adding-disk-space-after-resizing-a-windows-server-2012-cloud-server
      1. Open Computer Management
      2. Open Disk Management
      3. Extend the Volume
      4. Extend Volume Wizard
      5. Select the Volume to Extend
      6. Verify Disk Space

All done!  Now I have 87 GB free of 119 GB available on my C drive.