Configure Another Instance of Aras Innovator on the Same Server

The Aras Innovator Installation Guide describes how to add another database to an existing instance of Aras Innovator.  But what if you need a completely separate instance of Aras Innovator, and you want to host it on the same server?

This week, I set up the Aras Partner demonstration database.  The Partner Demo is compatible only with Innovator 11.0 SP1.  It broke miserably when I attempted to install it on my demo server that has Innovator 11.0 SP2.  I don't want to downgrade my demo server to SP1, since our client demo databases need to remain on the "cutting edge" of Aras Innovator.  Instead, I configured a new instance and web server so that I can run both SP1 and SP2 on the same virtual server.

As with all Aras installations, the key is to follow the installation guide instructions exactly.

The instructions below assume that the existing Aras Innovator instance used the default installation values for database, webserver, and login.

Run Innovator 11 SP1 installer (.msi)

  1. Download the msi installer and all documentation (especially "Aras Innovator 11.0 - Installation Guide.pdf") from the Aras FTP server.
    1. When I first ran the Installer, it thought that I was modifying an existing installation instead of creating a new instance.  See Section 9 (page 52) in “Aras Innovator 11.0 - Installation Guide.pdf” for instructions to reset the installer so that you can install a new instance.
  2. Change the destination folder location to something different than the existing installation, e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator11SP1”
  3. Select “Custom” installation type and accept the defaults (no Conversion Server with this instance)
  4. When prompted, enter your Aras license key, e.g. <License  lic_type="Unlimited" lic_key="abcdef123456" act_key="abcdef123456"/>
  5. Web Alias = “Innovator11SP1”
  6. SMTP Server = “” (see Configure an SMTP Server in Windows IIS for Aras Innovator Outbound Email)
  7. Vault name = “Default”
  8. Database server = (local)\SQLEXPRESS
    1. Select “Create a new Database”
    2. Login as sa/password, then create a database owner innovator/password
    3. Database Template = “InnovatorSolutions”; Database Name = “Innovator11SP1”
    4. Click “Configure Database” (Wait a few minutes)
    5. Click “Next” and begin Installation (close browsers when prompted)
  9. Setting up multiple vaults and databases on a single server.

That's it!  I now have 2 separate instances of Aras Innovator installed on the same server.  I can update my primary instance as new service packs come out, without affecting my new instance.

Install Partner Demo Database and Vault

This section only applies to Aras Certified Partners, but since it was the motivation for this article I will describe the installation process below.

  1. Log in at Aras Partner Portal: to download Innovator 11 > Partner Demo Database
    1. NOTE: Installing the Partner Demo DB also installs the 11.0R1 versions of RM and CE
    2. For detailed instructions on the above steps & how to restore the database review the document "DemoV1-0 Installing the Aras Innovator 11SP1 Corporate & Partner Demo Database.docx"
  2. Pre-Requisite
    1. Innovator11SP1 installed
    2. Office Connector client installed on your machine
    3. Innovator Framework License
    4. Feature license key for Aras Subscription (such as Aras.EssentialsSubscription). Needed for RM, MS Office Connector, and Visual Collaboration
    5. Level 2 CE Feature License (please request from Aras)
  3. Instructions for Copying RM & CE solutions to your Codetree
    1. Backup the \Innovator folder in your root directory
    2. Copy the \Innovator folder (present in the Demo Code Tree Folder) to the root of your install directory
  4. After restoring the Demo database
    1. Login to innovator as admin and from TOC -> Cloud Services -> Component Engineering
    2. Click on Register. Click "I have an Activation Key", enter the CE Activation Key and follow the rest of the prompts.
    3. The Register button is replaced with "Registered" and a CE Menu
    4. From the CE Menu, click on Push Manufacturers
    5. From the CE Menu, click on Push Manufacturer Parts

See "Installing Additional Applications in Aras Innovator" for more information about activating the additional applications required for the Partner database.