Install Another Database and Vault on an Existing Instance of Aras Innovator

We set up a new Aras Innovator database for each prospect, and use it for both sales demos and as a configuration and customization sandbox.  These databases have very light traffic, so I configure them all on the same virtual server and upgrade them all at the same time when new service packs come out.

In hindsight, this process was very easy.  But the documentation didn't make it obvious that it would work this way, so I list the step-by-step instructions below.

Run Innovator 11 SP1 installer (.msi)

  1. Download the msi installer and all documentation (especially "Aras Innovator 11.0 - Installation Guide.pdf") from the Aras FTP server.
  2. Run the same msi installer that you used for the original installation.
    1. If you do not have the same installer msi file, then run the same version installer
    2. On the first page after the installer, you will see options for Modify, Repair, or Remove.  This means that the installer is not treating this as a new installation.
    3. Follow the instructions in Section 9.2 of the Installation Guide PDF to reset the installer.
    4. When you are using the right installer, your Installation Setup Types will be Complete or Custom.
  3. Use the same settings as your existing Aras Innovator installation, until you get to the Database screen
    1. Custom setup, Default features, original license key, mail server
    2. If you forget these values, look in InnovatorServerConfig.xml in the Aras root directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator
  4. Vault name = “Default”
    1. NOTE: Aras automatically sets up a new Vault subdirectory for each database, using the same name as the database.  You don’t need to use separate virtual servers in IIS or VaultServers, simply add a new database.  The "V11.0 Installation Guide" – Section 5.10 Configuring Alternate Vaults Installations – describes this but did not make it clear to me what would happen with multiple DBs on one instance
  5. Database server = (local)\SQLEXPRESS
    1. Select “Create a new Database”
    2. Login as sa/password, then create a database owner innovator/password
    3. Database Template = “InnovatorSolutions”; Database Name = “ClientDomain” (e.g. if the client's web site is, then use their domain root for the database name to insure uniqueness.)
    4. Click “Configure Database” (Wait a few minutes)
    5. Click “Next” and begin Installation (close browsers when prompted)