Installing Additional Applications in Aras Innovator

This week, I installed the Aras Partner demonstration database on a new Aras Innovator 11.0 SP1 instance in our Sherweb Performance Cloud.  Since the partner database is designed to demonstrate all features of Aras Innovator, I next needed to install and activate the optional, subscription-only solutions: Requirements Management (RM), Component Engineering (CE), and Microsoft Office Connector.

NOTE: The Partner Demo database includes RM, CE, and Office Connector in it’s installation.  You will only need to activate the feature licenses.  The instructions below are for applying new features to a fresh installation.  These features require an Aras Innovator subscription.

Install Requirements Management 11.0R2

Requirements Management adds tools for complex systems engineering planning. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions in: "Installation Guide - Aras Requirements Management 11.0R2.pdf"

  • First, install the server code tree on the Aras Innovator Server
  • Then, activate the feature license as described below

This feature requires a subscriber feature license key; subscribers may send an email with their framework license key to to request these license keys.

You will receive one email per feature, with a subject line such as “A Feature License Activation Key has been generated for EBD Advisors.”

Feature Name = Aras.EssentialsSubscription (Requirements Management, MS Office Connector, and Visual Collaboration)
Activation Key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Expiration Date = 2016-05-06.

To Activate:
1) Log in to Aras Innovator as an administrator
2) From the main menu, select Tools-->Admin-->Licenses-->"Activate Feature"
3) Enter the following activation key:
4) Select "Activate Feature"

The expiration date of your feature license will match the date of your subscription.  If you renewed recently, double-check the expiration date to confirm that it matches your new subscription.

Repeat steps 1-4 for these additional features:

  • Feature Name = Aras.CADConverter
  • Feature Name = Aras.CADConverter2

Install Office Connector 11.0R1

Microsoft Office Connector adds an Aras toolbar ribbon into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.  This allows you to directly integrate Office documents with your Aras Innovator instance.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in: "Aras Office Connector 11.0R1 - Installation Guide.pdf"

  • First, install the server code tree on the Aras Innovator Server
  • Then, install the client app on each PC that will use it (see the .msi installer, which will add an Aras tab to the toolbar ribbons in Microsoft Office)
  • Activate the feature license (Aras Essentials Subscription includes both Requirements Management and Office Connector)

Install Component Engineering 11.0R2

Component Engineering adds an application to Aras Innovator to simplify the selection and sourcing of electronic components.  Because it integrates with a third-party component database (IHS CAPS Universe Electronic Component), the CE Application activation process is different from the above two applications.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in: "Aras Component Engineering 11.0R2 - Installation Guide.pdf

  • First, install the CE application and apply the solution
  • Then, activate the feature license for Feature Name = Aras.CELevel2 (or Level3) from TOC -> Cloud Services -> Component Engineering

Confirm Application Activation

That's it - you should now have these three applications installed and activated in Aras Innovator.  Don't forget to confirm the activation as described in each of the installation guides.